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Early-Bird Deadline: June 22, 2018
Deadline: August 17, 2018

Projects Involving the Following Categories

Access Control
Fire/Life Safety
Home Controls
Intrusion Detection
Video Surveillance
Security Monitoring
Miscellaneous Security Products 
Security Apps
Specialty Category

Projects Involving Access Control

Access Control Management Programs & Software (Including Managed/Hosted Access Control)
Biometrics (e.g. Hand, Finger, Iris, Facial, etc.)
Access Cards, IDs & Credentialing
Access Control Panels, Keypads & Readers
Electronic and Mechanical Locks
Intercoms & Telephone Entry (Audio and Video)
Wireless Access Control Devices
Misc. Access Products (e.g. Turnstiles, Gates, Bollards, Key Management, Fencing)

Project Involving Fire/Life Safety

Keypads & Control Panels (Includes Junction Boxes, Head-End Equipment, Addressable Systems, Communicators and User Interfaces)
Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors
Mass Notification, Emergency Communications & Call Boxes (Includes Textual, Audio, Video, and Visual)
Wireless Fire Devices
Misc. Fire Products (e.g. Sprinkling, Gas Detection, Flood Detection, Horns, Strobes, etc.)  

Projects Involving Home Controls

Touchscreens, Keypads, Controls, Remotes, Tablets & IR Extenders
HVAC Integration System/Connected Thermostats  
Lighting Controls/Motorized Shade Controls & Accessories
Whole-House Control 

Projects Involving Intrusion Detection

Control Panels, Keypads & User Interfaces
Motion & Other Detectors, Switches & Contacts, and Bells & Sirens 
Signal Transmission (Includes Radio, Cellular, Telephone and IP Devices)
Wireless Intrusion Devices

Projects Involving Video Surveillance

Fixed & PTZ Analog Cameras
Fixed & PTZ IP/Network Cameras
Megapixel, 4K Ultra & Other HD Cameras
Thermal, IR & Other Specialized Cameras
Video Management Systems (VMS) 
Video Analytics
DVRs/NVRs, Recording & Data Storage
Wireless Video Devices
Misc. Video Products (e.g. Housings & Mounts, Lenses, Displays, Drones, Switches)

Projects Involving Security Monitoring

Monitoring Software Platforms, Including Video Monitoring
Alarm Signal Transmission & Communications (e.g. Transceivers, Receivers, Routing Devices)
Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) (e.g. Pendants, Alerting Devices, Software, etc.)
Misc. Monitoring & Command Center Products (e.g. Furniture & Equipment, Video Walls, etc.)

Projects Involving Miscellaneous Security Products 

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
Power Supplies
Metal & Chemical Detectors
Loss Prevention & Asset Tracking
UPS & Surge Protection
Wire, Cable & Infrastructure  

Projects Involving Security Apps

Access Control App
Fire/Life-Safety App
Home Controls App
Intrusion Detection App
Video Surveillance App

Additional Category - Specialty Category
Use of a security product or technology for a highly specialized or promotional purpose (e.g. Wildlife Conservation, Reality TV Show, Environmental Monitoring, etc.)
*There is an additional $97 fee to enter the "Specialty" category if you already have entered another category. If you only enter a product into the "Specialty" category, the fee is $497.

Note: Solutions involving multiple products or technologies may be cross-entered in more than one applicable category. SSI reserves the right to re-categorize entries as it deems appropriate.

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